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Sustainable - Ecological - Fair

The first slip-on bag made from German wool & recycled Cordura for babies & children.

We have made it our mission to protect children from wind & weather during transport in a stroller, cargo bike or bike trailer in all seasons.

We use only organic materials (Ökotex certified), as well as sustainable & recycled materials from Germany & we produce out of conviction with regional partners from Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern & Germany.


What we do

Making everyday life with small & bigger kids easier, more comfortable & cleaner.

Our gender-neutral slip-on bags LUV & LEE, which have been designed for children in strollers, cargo bikes & bike trailers of all kinds, you get in 2 different sizes.

Both serve to protect the babies & children from wind / driving wind, drafts, showers / rain & snow.

For our products we use only „Dichtwalk“ & „Flauschwalk“ from Nordwolle. It is very densely milled wool, from Germany, which still has a lot of lanolin. Due to the way it is made, this woolen whale is by nature absolutely windproof, as well as water repellent. The inner sides are made of fluffy whale, this is particularly soft & comfortable on the skin.

Thanks to the adjustable foot parts, both bags grow with the kids, so that the individual body size of your children can be adjusted at any time.


What makes us so special

Our innovative idea, the materials, our philosophy & our cooperation partners.

Wetterpelle is a regional product, "made in Germany", "made in MV" & funnily enough pretty much "made in Rostock".

The wool, or "nature's higthtech fiber" comes from endangered land sheep breeds from Germany, which through brave & innovative people like Marco Scheel get a meaning/task again. The virgin wool is processed in many small steps - but deliberately not dyed!

Our slip-on sacks are sewn in the halls of Nordwolle in Teplitz.

The Cordura foot part is made from the actual remnants of cargo bike tops of well-known cargo bike manufacturers - so that these do not end up in the garbage, or must be disposed of expensively. Thanks to the sewing shop „Heynaht“ in Rostock with the support of a multicultural team & also people who are clearly disadvantaged in the labor market.

The materials used are recycled, sustainable & durable from the wool to the yarn. This is what we stand for with our company & articles!

Who we are

A small colorful bunch with a brilliant idea & vision.

Maria, founder of Wetterpelle, has had her cargo bike since late 2020. Due to the approaching winter, she was concerned with accessories & quickly realized that there were no suitable ways to transport children warm & practical other than wrapping them in thousands of blankets. The cargo bike is bursting at the seams & has no room for anything. And if there is still room for something, it looks totally crappy after a very short time - thanks to wet weather & dirty shoes. That was not an option.

It quickly became clear that there was a special need, but no suitable product made of ecologically materials, certainly not "made in Germany" & not for children from 2 years upwards.

So the idea developed into a plan: Wetterpelle was born. A small private female power team was born. With a good portion of "flow" one thing led to another. A small company was founded, which is now allowed to grow thoughtfully. The heads are bubbling with ideas, so that upcoming projects, or new articles are already in planning.



Our partners

Transportrad MV

In retrospect the Wetterpelle journey began unconsciously with the purchase of a Muli e-cargo bike at the store of Rene: Transportrad MV. As a fan, supporter & advisor of the 1st hour, Rene was always available with advice, action & cargo bike. With him in the store you can easily & climate neutral pick up your order of our products, in the Rostock area.


Thanks to networking on Instagram, it was quickly clear who to consider for the appropriate logo creation- Joringl. Each of her watercolor drawings lives its own distinctive character. The result was a wonderful collaboration. We have to thank Joringl aka Caroline for the Wetterpelle logo.

Heynaht Auftragsnäherei

In the flow & through common Rostock circles we found each other on a short production route. Heynaht Auftragsnäherei produces for us regionally, almost on the doorstep, socially & fairly the Cordura foot parts from remnants of cargo bike tops of well-known companies. Thus, the leftovers do not have to be disposed of expensively, but find in recycled form also an important use at Wetterpelle.

Nordwolle Rügen

As a fan of the Marco-Woolwalk-Revolution it was clear from the beginning, the wool can only come from Nordwolle & so it came then. In the end, we not only use the special fluffy whale and dense whale from Nordwolle, we also produce at Marcos in Teplitz-MV. Wetterpelle is thus manufactured in the halls of Nordwolle. More Made in MV, or Rostock does not go.
A strong contribution that Marco & his team make there, we are very happy to be able to contribute a part.


Zierart- Textildruck Rostock

With Zierart- Textildruck Rostock we have another partner just around the corner, who produces the wonderful organic cotton bags with water-based printing for us. Your slip-on bags are embedded in it before we send it to you.



With this label we would like to show that we are a customer of Der
Grüne Punkt - Duales System Deutschland GmbH in Germany and
that our sales packaging for the German market participates in the
dual system Der Grüne Punkt.

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